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“When I got there, I saw an electronic buzzer system so I pushed the button.

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“Something as superficial and as cold as that.” Greer claims Nicole couldn’t attend her wedding because OJ had beaten her so badly she could not leave the house that day.

The episode features images of their 1985 wedding at their Rockingham home in Brentwood.

She said: "She was free and she was happy without him and I think he knew it was really over." However, Simpson could not accept the break-up according to those interviewed.

Friend Thomas Mc Collum III said: "He was truly the most jealous person I ever met in my life." Simpson also punched his murdered wife during sex and spied on her as she had sex with her lovers.

SHOCKING new photos of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman's dead bodies have been shown in a sensational new documentary on the murders.

Harrowing images show OJ Simpson's ex-wife collapsed at the bottom of a flight of stairs, with her friend Ron Goldman's body nearby.He said the LAPD asked him to take them to Simpson's house as he "was there once".After arriving and receiving no answer at the gate, they walked down the street where Fuhrman spotted a white Ford Bronco with blood on the door.She said the former American football star even made passes at her adding: “He cornered me a couple of times and tried to make sexual, you know, advances, and I kind of pushed him off.” Robin adds: “He was pretty darn brazen.“He blamed his affair on the fact that Nicole got fat when she was pregnant and he didn't want to have sex with her.“He turned around and went back in the house to get dressed.

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