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"Oh MY," giggled Rory softly, blowing again into the ear before her lips. At the same time, the lovely blonde girl's fingers had made a discovery of their own as they explored Rory's legs. Rory giggled as she avoided Paris' attempt to kiss her.

"I've got you now and there's nothing you can do about it," the brunette teased. When Rory jumped and muffled a cry into her neck Paris spun around, the other girl's grip on her loosened by her distraction. The pair rolled on the desk together, wrestling for real now.

She pushed Rory back onto the desk top and climbed on top of both desk and girl. Kicking legs and flailing arms scattered the desk set and the varnished nameplate and the papers left there. Rory managed twice to capture a breast that wobbled above her as Paris fought her way out of blazer and blouse and then undressed the other girl. Paris rose abruptly in triumph with Rory's bra in her hands to wave like a captured flag.

The story takes place after my story "The Morning After".

They are the creation of Amy Sherman-Palladino and belong to the WB and the CW.

For just a split second she recalled touching this same breast the night they first made love.

That one accidental touch had triggered what was becoming an irresistible attraction between them, one that neither of them wanted to deny.

When this is misinterpreted as being rivals again they get sent to the Headmaster's Office) * "Paris Geller, Rory Gilmore, I can scarcely believe it.

Of all people I would expect to be standing here in front of me for misbehaving you two are the very last ones. " The Chilton Headmaster shook his head sadly and lifted the report from his desk. Medina says the pair of you acted like, well he doesn't use the word but 'hooligans' is what comes to MY mind.

Then Rory's arms encircled her again and pulled her down. Paris drove her tongue into Rory's mouth and the brunette tried as hard as she could to suck every drop of saliva off of it.

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