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You write a post here at the Love Logic and people (like me) would tell you to continue NC until there are signs of you healing.

A few posts later, you get a response saying “Give him or her a call…what could it hurt? I try to post solid advice based on my experience rather than quick fixes.

A pet, a friend, family member, a lover and the list can go on and on. Death is different because we know we will never see them again in the physical body. We are forced to make decisions we don’t want to face. 4.) If you get them back, what makes you think it was last? 9.) Do you realize that you are NOT responsible for your ex’s happiness but only Contribute ad vice versa? Think of your LOVE, the love you once had or the love that is potentially under the surface of a hurt lover as a rubber band.

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What SHOULD we do, well this is where “freedom of choice” is initiated.

, a previously unreleased Miles Davis album dating back to 1985, will finally see the light of day on September 6th.

If you are putting forth all the work and expect the other to submit, you again will be sadly disappointed.

**You have been warned** I have read many threads that have the same premise and they may be worded differently but typically they have the same meaning and the main question asked is “WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Years ago, there was a song on the radio my father loved called “The Rubber Band Man”. What does this have to do with the above questions you’re probably asking yourself? If you expect results quickly, you will be sadly disappointed.

Relationships only work if BOTH parties involved want to reconcile.If you have ever made that effort to start communicating and you push your luck, you will do exactly that…will push them away. Just because you are still in love and want them back and they talk to you on the phone or meet you out DOES NOT MEAN THEY WANT YOU BACK. ** How do you know its ok to open the lines of communication? They could be an outstanding person and have been a wonderful friend to you when in need but if you don’t get what you give…why stay? If you are healthy enough to understand that your ex is a separate person and does not belong to you or owe you anything physically or emotionally and that you both are NO LONGER a couple then you find out they are dating someone new, are engaged or even single and dating and can be perfectly 100% ok with any of the above mentioned, can you even think of communication. They tend to obsess over the person because of the feelings they received from them rather than the person and how they contributed to their life in a positive way. If you and an ex lover have both opened the door to communication, tread with your heart carefully. Let the love you shared for your ex either bring them back, or learn from it. Have faith that no matter what happens, it was for the best right now.Just because communication is open does NOT mean that things are normal or back the way they were. Sometimes in the darkness of ourselves; our own sadness, that love could walk right back in. The author (me) does not intend for the user (you) to agree 100% with the following but to merely listen with the intent to learn from the author’s mistakes.

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