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Myself, I grew up in Buena Park and my life was different.

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Whether she knows the scripts are giving her scenes of similar terrain or if she’s just dialed in to the moment-by-moment transformation of Latrice, King elevates her supporting role so much it often feels like she should be the sole focus. That burden goes to Ashitey, and while no one should hope to compete with King, a two-time Emmy winner, on a scene-by-scene basis (only Carrie Coon has given as good as she’s got in a toe-to-toe showdown), the lead of “Seven Seconds” is hamstrung by character flaws she can’t make up.

As the first season of NBC’s The Office drew to a close in the spring of 2005, the show was on life support.

At the end of the day we may be "different" yet the same. Tarek also wants to instill in his children the value of hard work and being well-rounded individuals."The biggest thing I want to teach my kids is, obviously they live a different lifestyle than most.

They’re on TV and they have opportunities to get nice things.

"I'm going to make sure that they know what hard work is.

That they understand that they’re not entitled, that they’re going be in sports, they’re going to learn teamwork, they’re going to learn competition. "If Mom and Dad don't get along it affects the kids, so Mom and Dad better get along.""I talk to people my age that grew up with parents that are divorced and they’re still traumatized," he explained.

And the conclusion of that is that I want to be the absolute best father possible.""I want to be a great role model for my kids.

I can say today that I am a way better father, I'm way more present," he continued.

As the worried mother, King is constantly in flux; her reactions never feel repetitive, even though she’s given and surrounded by plenty of emotionally redundant story beats.

Asked to cry, rage, question, sit in stunned silence, and reach every other corner of the pain spectrum (a few times for most of them), King absolutely crushes it.

Whether it’s overly focused on a squad of cops who are objectively bad men, or a little too keen to watch a brokenhearted mother weep, Veena Sud’s unwieldy Netflix original series is carried along by a sturdy “Law & Order” structure and superb turn from Regina King.

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