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Kukushkin's profile only includes his work at USA Really.

His Twitter account retweeted a Brutalist tweet in 2017.

He also tweeted at Brutalist's Twitter account three times in August and September of 2017.

The account, which was auto-tweeting links to the site, stopped doing this the same day Brutalist stopped submitting links to Reddit, Aug. In the last few days, the account — which has 37,000 followers — has been retweeting a pro-Trump meme account called @Based Democrat.

Brutalist had a Russian IP address and was running on a server maintained by Yandex — an extremely popular Russian web services company.

As Facebook and Twitter have become more active this year in tackling fake news, bots, and political bad actors, it has left Reddit as one of the few places where people are freely sharing links online.

/r/The_Donald currently has over 600,000 subscribers and still acts as the pro-Trump world’s central hub for memes, talking points, and conspiracy theories.

One was titled "Furious Formula 1 'Grid Girls' Who Were Fired From Their Jobs Say They've 'Lost Important Income Because Feminists Think They Know Best,'" which received 2,095 upvotes.

The second most popular submission was titled "Chart showing how amnesty padded California's voting to Dems," which was upvoted 1,001 times.

Brutalist's website and Facebook page are both down, but its Instagram and Twitter are still public. appears to have been created by a software developer from St. Antonov was listed as one of the site's main contributors.

Its most recent submission to Reddit was a link titled "After Two Wasted Years Trump Will Fire Sessions After Midterms," submitted to /r/The New Right.

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