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Look a little deeper at a woman’s interests and outlook and what you are both looking for.Our unique PI test helps calculate your compatibility not just physically but psychologically too. If you are serious about finding a wife or long-term relationship it is important to know that your personalities are in tune.

" "Oh yes, I found her …but I was not her perfect man!

" Remember to be realistic in your search if you wish to find permanent happiness.

Not only are you taking control of your destiny many Russian women have traditional views and expect the man to get in touch first.

Most of them will be delighted that you made the effort and you can begin getting to know each other.

You may also want to add some photos of your home too which helps to build up the impression of you and your life.

We find that men who take the initiative and make first contact enjoy more success with our beautiful Russian women.

The difference was that these were relaxed, happy women who were not tired out after a hard day’s work and felt cared for and confident in themselves.

It’s only natural that you would love to have a beautiful Russian woman to show off to your friends.

By all means wait for girls to contact you but you may miss out on many opportunities if you do so.

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