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What’s more, standing in Sanzo’s group’s way is a destiny of despair from 500 years ago...24 years old. One of the highest priests of which there are only five in Shangri-la.

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He’s a womaniser and a critic who likes to put on airs, but because he is surprisingly kind and looks out for others, he often ends up drawing the short straw.

He’s always having childish fights with Goku in which he ends up being called strange nicknames such as “pervy kappa” and “cockroach kappa.”23 years old.

Questo padrone attende la nascita del Caos, per insegnare la via all'uomo.

Il padrone ha due facce, ma riesce a riassumere, dentro di sé, tutte le sfumature dell'umanità. Non sentite già la mancanza di quella gabbia chiamata città?

A man who was once human but, after killing a thousand yokai in the name of revenge and being bathed in their blood, became a yokai himself.

He generally dislikes conflict and has a laid-back, accommodating personality.Quando vi siete lasciati avvolgere dal drappo dorato del Re Giallo avete sentito per la prima volta il calore e la rassicurante dolcezza della libertà, soltanto per rendervi conto di essere sperduti senza quella sequenza di regole e leggi che viene chiamata civiltà. Tornate alle vostre case, la Natura non sa più cosa farsene di voi.Avete annientato, avete distrutto e ora non sapete più capaci di parlare o pensare. Neppure Carcosa.» Whilst searching for a missing member of their group the Sanzo party come across Kougaiji's who are in a similar predicament.A heretic who is not human, yokai, or god, who was born from a rock on the summit of Mount Huaguo that had gathered the energy of the land. He has a bottomless stomach, and is always saying, “I’m hungry.”23 years old.He committed a great sin in the past and was sealed away in a prison of rock for 500 years, but was released by Sanzo. A half-human half-yokai, which is considered taboo in Shangri-la.On the other hand, he’s terrifying when he’s angry, and so the other three try not to make him mad at all costs.

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