San andres island dating

There are coconut palm plantations, lush pastures, and tall native trees reaching 20 meters (66 ft).

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In 1972, the archipelago was declared as a Special Municipality.

In the Colombian Constitution of 1991, the Department Archipelago of Saint Andrew, Providence and Saint Catherine was established as one of the Departments of Colombia.

The pirates attacked Spanish ships carrying gold and other precious material that sailed in the Caribbean waters. The bounty looted by the pirates is still believed to be hidden in some underwater cave in the area. In the year 1792, by royal warrant on 20 May, the Spanish informed the Captain General of Guatemala, Don Bernardo Troncoso, to recognize the archipelago.

The Catholic religion was spread on the island and a church was built and run by its own priest.

because a German submarine sank one of their boats that had to transport British troops to Saint Andrew.

In 1953, at the request of several representatives of the island community, President Gustavo Rojas Pinilla reaffirmed the Saint Andrew Island and the free port.

Saint Andrew gave exemption from import and export taxes.

On November 25, 1802, the inhabitants of the archipelago requested that they depend on the Viceroyalty of New Granada with the Mosquito Coast, and not on the Captaincy of Guatemala. Roberto Clark, procurator, Isaac Brooks, Solomon Taylor, Jorge Olis, and Juan Taylor.

The islanders again refused to join the United States or Panama when they were visited by a U. In August 1920, a boundary treaty was signed between Colombia and Panama in Bogota.

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