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I also feel compelled to tell you why your comments are so ignorant, because you repeated them again when you apologized to ------, and again when you called my home and discussed this with my husband (------).

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I would also like to point out to you, that whether ----- or another black person was in the class or not, your comments were inappropriate to the white students as well. As her teacher and an adult you are already in a position of authority over her.

You should not assume all white people believe erroneous ideas like this such as yourself, and you did your white students a grave disservice by assuming they did or that they would not be offended. I resent your putting her on the spot in front of her peers again and I am deeply saddened that you repeated your statements again to her. I feel your crying was a manipulative ploy to make her feel responsible for your mistake and that it was her fault simply because she spoke up.

I find your comments offensive and problematic to say the least.

I am certain that you meant no harm, however I am unable to ignore or excuse your conduct because I am appalled at your lack of sensitivity and unprofessional behavior.

I want you to understand I am not attacking you; rather my concern is about what you said and its effect on my child.

I would like you to understand that racism isn't only about hating on other races.

Then after school i-bop went to talk it over with the assistant principal, who then talks to the teacher about it.

Then this woman went to the drama practice (i-bop is rehearsing, she's in the spring play) all crying and AGAIN putting i-bop on the spot, talking crap about how it's an 'aesthetic' thing like preferring the color pink and she just loves black people blah blah blah. I am writing a letter to her & the assitant principal but I am super-pissed right now.

It is also embedded in the seemingly innocent ways that we think, talk, and respond to a race not our own.

On the surface your comments may seem like a benevolent statement but when looked at through the lenses of American history and a person of the race being discussed, they are very rooted in racist ideas. And I am struggling to understand why you came at my daughter like that.

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