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Forgers commonly use the bottom of an original broken vessel, which has no commercial value, and make a new fake vessel on top of it.

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The three most important dating techniques which are useful for the analysis of works of art are: Thermoluminescence (TL), Dendrochronology (DC), and Carbon 14 (C15). It dates items between the years 300-10,000 BP (before present).

Thermoluminescence dating is generally not very accurate.

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Generally, for example, we can’t establish when a vermilion stroke was brushed onto a painting, but we can date most of the materials that the pigments are painted on.

For instance, it is possible to date the wood support of a panel as well as canvas.

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Inspired by recently published research in optical and color theory, Georges Seurat distinguished his art from what the Impressionists considered a more intuitive painting approach by developing his own “scientific” style called Pointillism.

Later, heating releases the trapped electrons, producing light.

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