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If a couple doesn't disclose a workplace relationship that seems to be in violation of corporate policy, Yost of SHRM says "I'd feel more obligated to let human resources know of my concerns.''Ultimately, even if your romance began at the office, putting a little distance between corporate and personal lives can be a good thing, says Baker, who met her wife in January 2008 and began dating her eight months later."It was a bonding moment at the beginning of the relationship,'' she said about sharing workday experiences when they were previously employed by the same company.

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Justin is now a minister and Kristin owns her own public relations business in Phoenix where the couple is raising their two sons, Lincoln and Calvin.

If there's no rule requiring it, co-workers don't necessarily need to rush to their personnel department as soon as they start dating.

Michael proposed five years later when he joined Sandra at the end of a work-related trip to France. But workplace romances don't always have happy endings.

Messy entanglements can trigger charges ranging from favoritism to harassment.

But if a relationship goes awry, she says, it can negatively impact your career and your peace of mind.

"I can’t imagine if I was dating a person and it went downhill going to work every day and having to see that person.’’There are countless couples who have begun dating while working together, be it in an office, at a restaurant, or on a movie or TV set.And former President Barack Obama began dating former First Lady Michelle Obama when he worked as a summer associate at her Chicago law firm and she was his mentor.Such relationships can lead to a fulfilling, long-lasting partnership -- or a workplace melodrama that disintegrates into hurt feelings, charges of favoritism, or even termination.“You always want to tread carefully, no matter how innocent or exciting it might seem in the beginning,'' says Rosemary Haefner, chief human resources officer for Career Builder, a recruitment firm that conducts an annual poll on romance in the workplace."It might be a consensual, healthy relationship, but once that’s exposed in a work environment, you can’t always control how that’s going to be perceived and how that might come up years later.’’Still, "no matter what policy or program a company has in place,'' Haefner says, workplaces romances are "going to happen.''Some 41% of workers have dated a colleague, according to a Career Builder survey released last week.And 30% of those relationships resulted in marriage.Justin and his wife Kristin Hege met and started dating while working in a restaurant, then had to keep their secret from co-workers.

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