Sedating older cat for travel

Owners sometimes wrongly assume that their pet's travel will be less stressful if they are sedated.

In fact, most airlines will not fly a sedated pet, as over-sedation can be a cause of animal death during air transport.

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Occasionally place treats inside for the cat to find.

After a few days, place the cat inside the carrier.

Hello Pet Relocation, I'm taking my cat on the plane but am super concerned about having to take him out at security. My vet prescribed 10mg Acepromazine for my 15.5 Ibs cat but I feel reluctant giving it. Sedatives can interfere with regular breathing and other bodily responses, and pets may react differently and unexpectedly to medications when they are in the air.

However, sedating a pet when flying is dangerous and is one of the worst things you can do for the safety of your pet.

An uncomfortable carrier equals an uncomfortable cat.

The carrier that might be perfectly fine for your dog can be a bad fit for cats, and a basic carrier that works for vet visits may be too small for long trips.

It’s not absolutely necessary to use a cat sedative for traveling in the car, but medications can be a big relief for everyone.

These medications may need to be administered starting a day or two before the trip, so book a vet visit before then if possible.

If your cat has had a bad experience in the past or seems really unhappy during shorter test runs, consider talking to the vet about prescription solutions.

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