Sedating racoons

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In a viral travel video, a woman holds up a raccoon by his paws as he balances unnaturally on the back of her shoulders.

Sprinkle the pepper generously in areas that the animal has been seen coming and going such as a hole leading under the deck or around trees that give the animal access to the attic.

Then, the raccoon was sedated so that the team could safely cut the can away.

However, as soon as the medication began to take effect, the raccoon relaxed and the can slipped easily from his head.

Note: pets and children should not have access to the pepper!

Lights and loud music during the day also disturbs Raccoons who sleep during these hours.

This is the time when most species of native wildlife are having their young and there may be babies in, under, or around your house that are entirely dependent on their mother for food and protection.

Any action that prevents the mother from caring for her young will result in suffering for her and a slow death for the babies.

Keep in mind that they have chosen your chimney because it is warm, dark, and quiet, so the best way to get him/her to leave is by changing what they find inviting.

Placing ammonia soaked rags in the chimney and playing loud music during the day will discourage the Raccoons from taking up residence.

The woman gives the camera a wide-mouthed grin, but the raccoon doesn’t look quite as happy. The video, which has recently been making the rounds again, was shot at Blind Alley, a café in Seoul, South Korea, that gives paying guests the opportunity to interact with three raccoons — Shot, Crema and Kong — as well as a capybara and a corgi named Cookie.

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