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This week the course focus is around Triple Warmer meridian symptoms and the relationship to Spleen Meridian.

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One of the first things that Donna and David talk about in this weeks module of the course is the meridian flow wheel.

This is because our body has not yet evolved to keep up with the way technology has evolved and all the modern day stresses.

Our energy system goes back to our hunter gatherer days where the main stress we had was to run away from the tiger we might have been trying to catch in order that we have food for that week.

This leads to your over all energy system having more energy resulting in greater physical and mental wellbeing.

Strengthening the Spleen should usually only occur after sedating Triple warmer.

I invite you to start practicing the following Triple Warmer/Spleen Hug Exercise: Start with Right Hand – To Support Immune System 1.

Place your right hand under your left breast, the fingers are wrapping the rib cage resting on the Spleen Neurolymphatic point. Place your left hand so that the fingers are resting on the back of your arm just above the elbow.

As you can see below, Triple Warmer is opposite Spleen meridian.

The problem with Triple Warmer being so powerful in our modern age of excess stimulation is that it interrupts the flow of all the other meridians.

It is very important we help our Triple Warmer and Spleen have a balanced relationship. The Spleen processes everything physical and emotional and very much cares about the quality and harmony in our life.

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