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For the most part, routers are not at that level of sophistication yet.

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Something along the lines of what Microsoft provides for Windows 10. There is no single web page with a release history. The full description is "General stability & performance improvements". Q: Is there an audit log of each firmware update installed on your router?

A: Google pushes all firmware updates from the cloud. They said that this page, Release Notes should have the full firmware history. Only by comparing these two logs can you verify that the auto-update system is working correctly. Release notes accessed via the app state dates on which firmware was updated. A: Google pushes updates via the cloud roughly every six weeks. A: Since the user does not need to manually intervene, no.

That was launched by subverting an automated patch ... makes it much more likely mass infections will result from hackers targeting the vendor".

To plan for something like this, you would need to be able to schedule a pending update for a relatively safe time, and, be able to back out a bad update.

As of early May 2017, I was able to answer some of these questions myself. My observations are here 7 mistakes Google made updating my Google Wifi router.

In June 2017, a Google Wifi router had been powered off for a couple weeks.

We have dashboards so we can monitor progress of the firmware releases, which is done in carefully controlled phases. As of mid-April 2017 Google does not seem to have a single web page with a history of firmware releases. I could not tell, immediately, if this was true or not. Firmware revision can be noted per mesh node via the app. Q: Can you be notified of firmware updates beforehand? Updates are done carefully in a phased rollout to ensure no regressions.

Q: If you are notified beforehand, can you schedule the firmware installation and the necessary reboots it entails? Q: If you do nothing, how quickly will newly released firmware be installed?

(so you can fall back in case an update causes a problem) If not, then can you install old firmware if a new version caused a problem? Multiple partitions with fallback in case of a failed software update.

Q: Is there a manual over-ride mechanism for installing new firmware in case the auto-updating system fails?

Each one self-updated its firmware immediately after being put online. As of March 29, 2018 the last firmware update was Feb. According to Linksys, all of their "Smart-Wifi" branded routers can self-update.

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