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For example, imagine you have the following 2 rules: Rule Sets allow you to group validation rules together which can be executed together as a group whilst ignoring other rules: For example, let’s imagine we have 3 properties on a Person object (Id, Surname and Forename) and have a validation rule for each.

We could group the Surname and Forename rules together in a “Names” Rule Set: Here the two rules on Surname and Forename are grouped together in a “Names” Rule Set.

Instead of using a child validator, you can define child rules inline, eg: .

Note that you shouldn’t create your own ruleset called “default”, as Fluent Validation will treat these rules as not being in a ruleset.

You can force all rules to be executed regardless of whether or not they’re in a ruleset by specifying a ruleset of “*”: You can include rules from other validators provided they validate the same type.

Each type of built-in validator has its own list of placeholders which are supported by it.

The placeholders are: Used in all validators: For a complete list of error message placeholders see the the Built in Validators page.

These can range from poor scripting practices, to incorrect timing specifications, to hardware variability.

Building upon earlier research, we have developed a commercial device and associated software that enables researchers to benchmark most computer-based paradigms in situ and without modification.This means the above error message could be re-written as: …and the value ‘Surname’ will be inserted.As specified in the example above, the message can contain placeholders for special values such as ‘’ - which will be replaced with a specified value.By default, the messages will be separated with new lines, but if you want to customize this behaviour you can pass a different separator character to on the Customer Validator it will run through the validators defined in both the Customer Validator and the Address Validator and combine the results into a single Validation Result.If the child property is null, then the child validator will not be executed.These can either be static values or references to other properties on the object being validated.

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