Sex and the city speed dating scene

Dress a little nicer, and stay well-groomed, and you’ll have a leg up in the clubs and bars. And always be extra nice to everyone you encounter, be it other guys, girls, bartenders, waiters, whatever.

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The clubs here stay open pretty late on the weekends, usually until about 5am, so don’t plan on the action heating up until around midnight. Some strong dance moves can make up for a lack of Spanish, if you are not up to speed. Be friendly with the whole group if you want things to go anywhere.

This isn’t to say there are lots of girls by themselves or with just one other friend, however.

Love is located in Polanco, and it’s a great place to meet Mexico City girls who are dressed to the nines.

Weekends are packed, but Wednesday nights are great for having a little more space to operate, without it being awkwardly sparse inside.

Mexico is one of the most diverse countries when it comes to meeting local girls for sex, and I’m sure many of you have lots of different destinations that pop into your head when you first think about it.

While there are tons of beaches, cities, border towns, and historical areas that Mexico is well known for, it seems that the capital city itself is the one that gets the least attention, be it from mongers, or ordinary tourists.As you may have guessed, knowing some conversational Spanish will go a long way.Yes, lots of English speakers are here, but this is Mexico. Don’t show up thinking you can conquer it all in a week.Gin Gin is a newer bar that has a little more of an upscale vibe. The quality of girls here will often be much better, along with any conversation.Overall, Gin Gin has become very popular, and is a very social bar that makes it easy to meet multiple girls in one night as you mill around making conversation.Great cocktails, and just the kind of girls you’ll want to give your time to.

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