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Kottaramulla, Sri Lanka - The stench of turpentine overpowered Jiffriya Ameer as she cradled her husband's head on her lap on the front porch of her home and watched the blood drain from the gaping wound on his head and neck.

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However, he insisted that "no deaths were reported", although the local hospital and police in Kottaramulla confirmed Ameer's death.

Last month's deadly bombings, which killed over 250 people, ignited anti-Muslim sentiments and eventually sparked full-scale riots.

Minutes earlier, a Sinhalese mob had attacked Ameer with swords, fatally wounding him before pouring turpentine on his face.

Easter Sunday bombings, on May 12 and 13, Sinhala mobs rampaged through at least 24 towns in western Sri Lanka, looting and attacking Muslim properties with stones, swords and petrol bombs.

Now we can't even look at each other's faces," Ahsan said.

Victims have said people from their own neighbourhoods were also involved in some of the attacks.

Mohammed Thowfeek Abdul Kamil, 39, said the CCTV footage of a mob attacking his electronics store in Nikerapitiya revealed that most of the perpetrators were local men.

"I recognised them when I watched the video," he said.

Meanwhile, residents in the affected towns report their long-existing relationships with their neighbours have deteriorated.

"We maintained a good relationship with the Sinhala community before the incident.

Armed navy personnel stood guard on a narrow dirt track that leads to Ameer's home in Kottaramulla, about 60km north of Colombo in western .

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