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I am simply me the same person on OR off line, live life as it is as myself, currently pre op trans woman saving up for the SRS op.

Its simple I am a woman and here to possibly widen friend circle and meet others Dominant guy, 6'2" tall, defined body, respectful admirer of trans women and cd's.

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Transwoman/Pansexual/Demisexual Demisexual Resource Center says that "Demisexuals are considered part of the asexual community because for the most part, they don't feel sexual attraction.

Many demisexuals are only attracted to a handful of people in their lifetimes, or even just one person." Here to make friends, and support of TG community, No Cyber Sex, its like sending me a pot plant and thinking it will turn me on, relate to my mind and my person.Don’t waste another minute, browse our list and you’ll stumble upon some pretty amazing finds!When browsing our list, you will find many different experiences.I am looking for people just to chat for a start, maybe something will come out after.I am kinda silent person when in group, but can be very talkative if talking person to person, it depends actually. thank you very much my name is Vivian and I am from Tennessee but now I live in Ohio I am here looking for a serious relationship forever I am looking a man who would take care of me and responsible about me every time a..Am absolutely a "girly girl"when it comes to clothes, hair, make up and nails, would love to chat with like minded girls I am a MTF transgender woman.

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