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North Carolina used to consider adultery as a class 2 misdemeanor, and opened people up to criminal prosecution. However, adultery in a marriage can lead to some less than favorable results for an adulterous spouse.Proof of adultery by one spouse in a marriage can affect the alimony the adulterous spouse has to pay to the innocent spouse after a divorce is finalized.

A criminal conversation claim may only be brought against a third-party individual to the marriage and cannot be brought against a business entity.

In order for the innocent spouse to sue the lover of their spouse, the innocent spouse must show to the court with “51% certainty” that the adulterer had an extra-marital affair during the life of the marriage.

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Contrary to what the name suggests, criminal conversation is not a crime in North Carolina, but is a civil lawsuit involving the spouse of a person who committed adultery during the marriage and that spouse’s extra-marital lover.

Through criminal conversation, the spouse of the adulterer has the option to sue the extra-marital lover for monetary damages.

The only defenses that are available for a paramour for engaging in sexual intercourse with a separated spouse in a criminal conversation lawsuit is that the spouses were either legally divorced or the innocent spouse provided consent to the extra-marital sexual intercourse.

Like criminal conversation, alienation of affection is a civil lawsuit that an innocent spouse can bring against a third-party (not just a paramour).

One factor that courts use to determine whether the supporting spouse should pay the dependent spouse alimony is whether the supporting spouse committed adultery during the duration of the marriage.

Once the spouses are legally considered separated, North Carolina law would not consider extra-marital relationships as a factor to show the need for alimony payments.

The ways that the spouse can show that the extra-marital lover had an affair with the adulterer is by hiring a private investigator who will investigate the adulterer’s activities.

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