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I'm not talking about the monthly fee you pay to Swingular.I'm talking about the ease with which someone can hide behind their 'puter and pretend to be something they are not.

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EROTIC ELECTRONIC CIRCUS - Has anyone been to or know anything about "EROTIC ELECTRONIC CIRCUS " in Vegas? https:// unscientific poll - the time battle - there are 2 types of swingers ,one is ' opportunities swingers' second is 'calculatd swingers' the first type is 24/7 opportunity may not strike twice for the second type when you are all done with endless Emails and set up meetings you apparently will not be hard-r-wet any more take advice from other swingers above on time tables and push button for "rewind love makeing" to get you hard-n wet after age 99m-96f-101m........ - - OR do it the literal swingers way - just "love thy neighbor" ;) Virtual "Cheap Thrill Seekers" - - [quote=LILMISSRIDINGHOOD]What I think EVILDOERS is trying to say Islander2 is, there is no place to store such a list other than on your own computer or in one of them rolly things the dinosaurs used to keep track of their appointments, or to recall those snooty Triceratops who would just never show up. Yes, sadly there are flakes in every walk of life and the fun part is trying to decide who is and isn't a flake.

I can only assume that Swingular prefers users of the site to not punish other users for committing the crime of no show. They say if you contact enough people and make enough dinner appointments, you might get someone to appear in person. Unfortunately, once swinging went digital, the cost to play went WAY down.

You probably totally dodged a bullet when he didn't have the guts to show up! You go to clubs, yet no one outside of the swinging community sees you in the clubs. Hunt...thought she was a goddess without change..she has her reasons..I support her decision... And being on the road, I don't have time to get any action. That's her choice and a bone thrown to equality, which I appreciate.

[em]Emo_84[/em] Swingular poll for members - I would like to poll the members on the follwoing items - Mr. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS AS AN ATTACK ON MRS HUNT..who typically gets breast augmentations, ESPECIALLY when they are the vision of perfection? As for the issue of not playing because you're afraid you'll run into a playmate in your vanilla life... The person you run into will be at just as much risk as you of being "outed".

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