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And, therein, lies the problem with deficit spending.I jave often said China can defeat us without firing a shot by selling their US assets and calling in their loans.v=hue H...ature=SWEDISH PATRIOTS go illegal alien Muslim invader hunting in the strait of Oresund Anti-Muslim vigilante group patrols the strait of Oresund looking for Muslim migrants illegally trying to enter Sweden by boat.

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The group, which goes by the name of National Future, claims that the Coast Guards are not doing their job properly, so they have volunteered to monitor the five kilometres (3.1 miles) stretch of water between Denmark and Sweden. v=Cqd U...ature=CANADA: Follow-up on the Cover-up of the Halifax school story where Syrian Muslim refugee children are abusing and assaulting Canadian children Parents and students CONFIRM that Syrian Muslim refugee children are choking, slapping, and threatening Canadian students in their school.

COVER UP: Halifax parents, student CONFIRM refugee bullying, violence https://

Unless you agree with them, they dont want to hear it.

Islam and The Whale That Carries The Earth On Its Back In this video I look at a bizarre part of Islam's creation myth within Islam that has been successfully swept under the carpet in recent generations by Muslim sheikhs to avoid facing embarrassment and awkward questions on why this was such a commonly held belief in Islam among the most reputable scholars until very recently.

https:// Blindness and Our Saudi Friends The Saudis are the worlds chief propagator of sharia supremacism, sharia being the law of the Sunni kingdom.

In Saudi Arabia, Wahhabism, a literalist interpretation of Islam rooted in scripture dating back 1,400 years, is the dominant belief system. Frees 9 Guantanamo Prisoners, Sends Them To Saudi Arabia

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Professional Educator: Grades, Showing Up On Time Are A Form Of White Supremacy Ragnarok: Nice... France: Drivers Attacked By Refugees At Rest Stop Court Rules Sandy Hook Families Can Sue Remington Ohio U.

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