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CNCS will also focus investment in programs that increase safer communities through activities that focus on public safety and preventing and mitigating civil unrest, as well as investment in programs that primarily serve communities with limited resources and organizational infrastructure.

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For a comprehensive listing of all federal grants, please visit

Financial Coaching Project The CFPB’s financial coaching project, launched in 2015, co-locates financial coaches in organizations and agencies that serve veterans and low-income and economically vulnerable consumers.

This page includes grants that legal aid programs can apply for directly, or indirectly as a sub-grantee partner to local and State governments or other social services providers and universities.

The list is not intended to be comprehensive of all Federal resources that can be used to support or engage civil legal aid.

Guide to the Ameri Corps State and National Program for Legal Services Organizations The U. Department of Justice Office for Access to Justice and the Corporation for National and Community Service, published a Guide to the Ameri Corps State and National Program for Legal Services Organizations.

The Guide is designed to introduce the Ameri Corps program to legal services organizations that are not familiar with the program; demonstrate how Ameri Corps can work effectively in the context of legal services to expand the organization’s reach and provide more direct legal services; and provide additional resources for organizations interested in using national service to advance their mission.This resource page identifies examples of grants, training and technical assistance, and other Federal resources of particular interest to non-profit organizations and government agencies working to enhance civil legal aid for underserved populations.Please contact the issuing entity for more information about all resources.Prior Deadline: 01/20/2016 Social Innovation Fund – Corporation for National & Community Service The 2015 Social Innovation Fund grant competition provides up to million to eligible grant-making institutions seeking to grow innovative, evidence-based solutions to challenges facing low-income communities nationwide.Its purpose is to grow the impact of innovative community-based solutions that have compelling evidence of improving the lives of people in low-income communities throughout the United States.Prior Deadline: 3/17/2015 Ameri Corps VISTA Ameri Corps VISTA is committed to its mission of bringing individuals and communities out of poverty.

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