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So, Apple has released the latest operating system for i Phone and i Pad. They’re also loving the new notifications tab, the augmented reality additions, and the fact that live photos take up a hell of a lot less space now. But one thing that has a number of users quaking in their boots is the new ability to capture and record the i Phone screen’s output. Well, actually, it turns out that the person on the other side of the video call won’t be notified when you start recording. Depending on how you look at it…Many users are going bananas for the customisable control centre, because it means you can now pop your most frequently used settings in a position that works best for you.

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Furthermore, most people at the time considered documents to be non-dangerous, and were happy to receive them without thinking of the possible security implications. DOC file could infect your computer, because the macro virus’s code was embedded within.

You could measure how good your anti-virus software was by how quickly and seriously it responded to the macro virus threat.

Word macro viruses turned the world of Mac *and* Windows malware on its head overnight.

Macro viruses were written in the easy-to-understand macro language that Microsoft included in its Office programs making it child’s play to create new variants.

Hallelujah to never seeing that ‘You have no storage left on your phone, you loser. In other words, you can now record and capture whatever pops up on your screen. So you can record a whole bunch of stuff without them having a clue because no notification is sent to them to let them know what’s going on. come on, we’re all thinking it: those of you who are partial to video phone sex or sending saucy videos, you may want to take this new i Phone feature into consideration before you start unhooking your bra.

So you can record Facetime calls, Whatsapp video calls, Instagram Stories and Snap Chat conversations for example. Before we begin, it’s worth recognising that malware on the Mac is a subject which raises strong emotions.There are some who believe that the problem is overhyped (or even non-existent!) and others who believe that the malware problem on Macs is underestimated by the Apple-loving community.Hopefully this short history will go some way to present the facts, and encourage sensible debate.1991 HC (also known as Two Tunes or Three Tunes) was a Hyper Card virus discovered in Holland and Belgium in March 1991.

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