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---Form Letter I used to listen to El Shaddai and pretend that the hebrew words translated into something filthy and perverted.

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Westley talks about interviewing Or, maybe I can network my way to a job? I don't want to get a better job, how do I move up at my current job? Discussions on how well foreigners (or natives, I guess) need to speak English: 1 2 How do I decline a job offer ?

Westley talks about Corporate Bureaucracy Coming soon: Westley discusses "When they ask your current salary" Reference thread: General advice and disclosures for any Westley-endorsed thread: Feel free to add questions and anecdotes of your own. What do I say to follow up on a resume that I sent a few weeks ago? Advice for people already working: Basics of negotiating Can I use a reference without checking with that person? Should I be a job hopper if I'm trying to increase my salary, or is it better to stay with my company ? Some exceptional advice from MNBridge on discussing salary with your current employer (post 56) Advice for resigning: Should I put in more than 2 weeks notice?

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Westley, why should I listen to your advice when you're such a jerk ? t=327380 Other recruiter stuff: I should just ignore recruiters until I need a job, right? t=293113 A little thought before assuming everybody else is stupid and you're smart will be appreciated by managers. OK, now I'm going to use this post to hide my tracking of former sig line quotes, since I keep thinking I might run a "best of" someday I don't know how you are doing for friends, probably not very well, but you might get along with Gosu John --remilard Well maybe everyone is born closed-minded, arrogant and brainwashed. --Abused Student "getting drunk and tasing your buddy" was evidently not a legitimate reason for the broward county sheriff's office to permit use of a taser. --Loner From the title, I just assumed this was another JAS attention-whoring thread. (This time) --Matt The Skywalker I was doing an assignment for my online Amateur Sociology class at MTSU. --Sam The Eagle Oh and the Clemson girl was very arrogant!!

Advice that applies mostly to people still in school/looking for their first job: Really, resumes should only be one page? --Baron von Raschke Are you worried about being drafted? You've spent your prime war-fighting years whining on the internet. I felt offended and insecure inside when she said she could beat me at basketball.

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