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This includes photos of children who have turned 18 since the pictures were taken.

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They can talk about what might happen and talking to them is confidential.

Social networks don’t allow naked images of people under 18.

If you’re over 18 and someone’s shared a naked or sexual picture of you without your consent they’re breaking the law.

It’s not always possible to get these images taken down but there’s a special Revenge Pornography Helpline for people who are over 18 that can help.

Games that depend on low latency, like FPS or RTS game types, connect the players to the nearest region.

Games that are able to handle higher latency, like turnbased game types, can connect all players to the same region.

It’s easy to send a photo or message but the sender has no control about how it’s passed on.

When images are stored or shared online they become public.

Worry-free: no immediate cap when exceeding CCU with any monthly plan. Photon Chat's filtering technology uses over a million signatures in multiple languages.

Billions of messages are filtered daily, bypassing current limitations by adding a chat user's reputation and context into the risk analysis.

For more information of how to report to the below get more information here: With text messages and calls it can be a bit harder to block someone.

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