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“Machines and computers are great at counting things,” said Mei’s founder, Es Lee, who previously ran another chatbot-based dating advice service called Crushh. He said Mei’s algorithm scores each participant on personality traits like “openness” and “artistic interest,” then offers a comparison — a “similarity score” — of the two parties who are communicating. is to understand the biases of people,” the Mei founder said, adding that it is the responsibility of those creating these algorithms to ensure that they are applied in a manner consistent with that goal. Rader, of Slutbot, acknowledged the possibility of violent or unwelcome language slipping into an algorithm.“Why not use the technology that’s available to help with something like this? It then issues little statements (“You are more emotionally attuned than this contact, don’t feel bad if they don’t open up”) and questions (“It seems like you’re more easily stressed than calm under pressure, right? In theory, Mei could give users insight into questions that plague modern dating: Why isn’t my partner texting back? In practice, the potential ways for it to backfire seem limitless. Lee said, is to prompt users to think about nuance in their digital communication. But, she said, “As a queer woman collaborating with sex educators and erotic fiction writers, we were the right people to think through these concerns.”Regardless, digital dating tools aren’t going anywhere. feature that nudges users to connect in person after they exchange a certain number of messages on the app. And individual users of dating apps have long been known to create their own chatbots and hacks to swipe through users and spam matches with A. Which is to say, dating is well past the point of disruption.“Flirttech,” if you will, has recently assumed the form of chatbots — computer programs that serve as proxies for romantic partners — that are designed to help woeful daters sext, ghost and develop vocabulary around consent.“People think sex and dating is supposed to be easy and innate,” said Brianna Rader, the founder and chief executive of Juicebox, a sex-education app. It’s absolutely a life skill just like all other life skills, but unfortunately we’re never formally taught these things.”Hence the need for Slutbot.

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Every once in awhile, I come across a product that gives me that wow, aha moment.

When I first played with Near Group, a bolt of lightning hit me… As a result, I couldn’t resist, so I become an Advisor. In October they processed over 1 Million messages, in November the number climbed to 6 Million messages and by December they were at 12 Million messages.

Ghostbot, another app, eschews communication entirely. Instead, it is used to ghost, or quietly dump, aggressive dates on a user’s behalf. The way it works is simple: By setting a contact to “ghost,” the app automatically responds to that person’s texts with curt messages like, “sorry, I’m swamped with work and am socially M. A.” The user never has to see their communication again. There are many sex-education apps on the market, and the established dating apps are getting in on the action, too. Bumble is planning a feature, set to launch in June, that uses A.

It is a collaboration between Burner, a temporary phone number app, and Voxable, a company that develops conversational A. The app is meant to give people greater control, said Greg Cohn, a co-founder and the chief executive of Burner, by letting them opt out of abusive or inappropriate interactions.“I think that sometimes people don’t quite realize the emotional burden that can come with dealing with all that,” said Lauren Golembiewski, Voxable’s C. Of course, the problem with all of this software, and any digital dating hack, is still the problem with humans.

The app monitors and logs every text message and time a phone call is made (but only on Androids, the sole device where it’s available as of now).

It then uses that information to build a database for analyzing inflections in mood and language.

On their best day they, processed over 1.3 Million messages and at one point accounted for 10% of’s total message count!

These numbers don’t go unnoticed and as a result they have been selected for Boost VC Accelerator Program in San Mateo.

It is become such a popular use case, that the Bot now lets you select this is as a dating preference so it can match you with like minded people.

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