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[2] Amy’s words suggest that pre-makeover insecurity caused a split between her sense of identity and her physical presence, exacerbated by a social censure that diminished her self-worth.

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Indeed, there is ample evidence that Extreme Makeoveris in step with larger cultural patterns in espousing these narrow beauty ideals, as indicated by just a small sampling of popular texts, including “A Beauty Formula?

,” a Peoplefeature that rated Uma Thurman a D due to her “triangular-shaped face” and Paris Hilton a C because her “eyes are too narrow for her face”.

” To be SPAMed strikes me as indisputable evidence of cultural saturation.

[6] Given this, it seems safe to say that Extreme Makeover’slanguage and concepts have entered a common cultural discourse, aided and abetted by the fact that its primary locus of control is the body itself.

Since the body evokes our collective desires and anxieties, I believe it’s possible to achieve a more nuanced sense of our broader cultural investments by putting Extreme Makeover under the same sort of analytical gaze endured by its participants.

Ultimately, I argue that Extreme Makeover offers viewers the promise of the exceptional (coded as high-glamour beauty) built on an economy of sameness.

In terms of provenance, we might as easily point to Dracula as to Now Voyager!

(two very different sorts of makeover narratives) to understand the fascination of the changing and changeable body’s relation to the psyche.

Spin-offs of other televised makeover shows (like MTV’s I Want A Famous Face, which “documents” plastic surgeries that make “normal” people look like their favorite celebrities) also attest to Extreme Makeover’sinfluence, as do the number of cautionary narratives warning people away from extreme plastic surgery procedures, such as TLC’s new series You Ruined My Looks.

I thought I had witnessed the greatest testament to Extreme Makeover But SNL was supplanted soon after when I received e-mail SPAM luring me with promises that I could “win an extreme makeover or ,000 in cash!

Crain’s Chicago Business reports that Chicago-area plastic surgeons have experienced a surge since Extreme Makeover’s debut in 2002.

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