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A colourful tribute to a British Institution with a unique place in the affections of countless Land Rover owners, "One of the Family" captures the practical presence and country green livery of the old Series 1. A fresh day in open country with competing Fergusons against the vigorous challenge of Mc Cormick's contention for the title.

The excited youngster astride his own pride and joy, an old Fordson Major, a fantasy machine, taking him into a dream world of his own making. The church bell sounds the time of day, the farmer sounds the time of year.

A picture of hard work with harder won rewards - the essence of our country heritage.

We are canvas specialists with the highest standards of quality.

We use the most premium materials in the industry so your abstracts stay eloquent and your landscapes stay breathtaking.

In some cases, "permanent" refers only to waterfastness, not lightfastness. (Dano) Steinhardt Marketing Manager Epson America, Inc.

Aby zapewnić Ci jak najlepsze wrażenia, używamy plików cookie i innych podobnych technologii przy zapewnianiu wydajności, analizach, personalizacji, reklamach, a także by wspomagać działanie naszej strony. Zapoznaj się z naszymi zasadami dotyczącymi plików cookie.Colourful, fascinating, detailed, knowledgeable and informative, these are not only pictorial, but are also accurate recollections of our proud country heritage.Each magnificent country picture, offers so much more than meets the eye, and all are beautifully reproduced from the highly acclaimed original paintings by one of Britain's finest watercolour artists Anthony Forster.It is unique to fine art publishing, such as ours here at the studios of Hood and Broomfield, where all work takes place in-house.Using only the highest quality watercolour paper with its special ink receptive coating, together with the finest light resistant inks, our country pictures manifest an exceptional depth of colour and tonal quality you would only expect to see in an original painting.The farming pictures in our wide ranging portfoilo help to recapture those special farming scenes that hold a treasured place in the memory of all who live and work in the countryside.

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