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After basic training, trainees will go through a 4 months Combat Diver Course, which is divided into four phases: Physical Phase, Diving Phase, Land Combat Training and Shipboard Competency.

Trainees will go through "Team Building Week", or otherwise known as "Hell Week", where divers are pushed to their ultimate limits physically and mentally.

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Prior to that, a unit called the Far East Fleet Clearance Diving Team was operating from the old Terror Camp premises where NDU now stands.

This unit basically supported the strong British naval presence in Singapore.

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They will then be in the Special Forces Qualification Course for 9 months.

They will be trained in specialised combat diving, military free-fall and advanced demolitions, to deal with the full spectrum of SAF operations.

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Perfect eyesight is a requirement, which explains the absence of people wearing spectacles in NDU, and tip-top health condition, not suffering from any chronic illnesses that might jeopardise their training, such as asthma.

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