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2 related art exhibitions were also held during this period, “Red White = Pink” by Utterly Art and an exhibition by Art Seasons.

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Koe even managed to secure corporate sponsorship for the historic event.

In a move to emphasise the LGBT community's loyalty to the Republic of Singapore, the party was held on 8 August 2001, one day before National Day and was named "Nation". Over 1500 attendees celebrated both the eve of National Day, as well as their sense of community.

8 to 10 uniformed Police officers made their obligatory visit at around p.m.

to check that everything was all right and left without incident after 15 minutes.

Most were held indoors, especially on Sunday nights at various mainstream discos which were eager to tap the pink dollar on a day when business from their straight patrons was slow.

This phenomenon began in the early 1980s when the police started to turn a blind eye to men disco-dancing with each other, but not during the slow numbers, when they were cautioned by the managements of these venues to "behave".However, there was still an unmet need on all the other nights of the week.This chasm was filled by pioneering entrepreneurs, especially Max Lim, who organised weekday private gay events at roving locations such as discos at Far East Plaza along Orchard Road and nightspots like Dancers - the Club and Forbidden city at Clarke Quay.Nation.03 marked a milestone in that it was the first time in Singaporean television history that a local gay event had been reported in a positive light, accompanied by snippets of bare-chested men dancing on podia.The following day, Channel News Asia and its sister station Media Corp TV Channel 5 announced, 'Nation.03 can be seen as a gauge of Singapore's tolerance.' Hailed by Time magazine as "a 3-day festival of international proportions,"Nation.04 featured state of the art visual effects, world-class venues, and international circuit DJs from Taiwan, Japan, Australia, USA and Singapore.Previous gay celebrations, exemplified by the Nation parties held annually in Singapore since 2001, were private commercial events held for LGBT recreation, but were also socio-political statements of significance in Singapore gay history and milestones in Singapore's human rights record.

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