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And now we're bringing quality online Christian dating to Singapore.Feel free to contact our staff with any questions you might have.This profile is only visible to other singles who joined us.

After talking with one couple recently I realised that there are some questions people don’t think about asking each other unless prompted. ’ Last Friday I found myself, unusually, with nothing to do.

‘I connected with a nice guy online, we met up a few times, and he seemed keen to pursue a relationship,’ said the email. For a few weeks, he’ll be enthusiastic and romantic and talk about the future… It’s a rare treat in a busy London life, but the thought did flit through my mind ‘I wonder if anyone wants to come over…’ I couldn’t really be bothered to come up with a plan, though, so I just stayed in and watched TV. ‘I’m too old for the singles group and too young for the seniors…’ ‘I don’t fit into the women’s ministry because I don’t have a husband or kids…’ ‘All the groups in our church focus on families…’ ‘I just can’t seem to fit in…’ Your church should, in theory, be the ideal place to meet your future spouse.

However, at Christian Singles Singapore, you are the master of your own profile.

You control who's allowed to contact you, and who gets to see your profile.

Dating, or falling for someone, within a close-knit or even wider community, can bring complications.

When God doesn’t give us what we want straight away, especially if it’s a good thing that we desire, it could be because He’s trying to develop patience in us. In the case of marriage, it could also be that He’s working on us whilst preparing the right partner to show up at the right time.

then he’ll withdraw and say he’s not ready for a relationship… During the week I heard from a friend that both she and someone else in our church had been home alone and thinking much the same. And for those who meet and marry within their congregation, this does turn out to be the case.

But for many others, the question is less straightforward.

Or are you wondering if Christians are allowed to use an online matchmaking service in the first place?

Please read our vision on relationships, marriage, and online dating. All our photos and profiles belong to singles who recently logged in at Christian Singles Singapore. We hide inactive profiles, so you'll never send messages to singles long gone. We're a faith building community for singles longing to radiate Jesus.

Whether you’re trying out a dating site for the first time or have dabbled before, it’s easy to feel nervous. We help to facilitate conversation between them, and encourage them to talk about any areas that may be contentious.

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