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Call the number listed on each page to talk to the family directly or to talk to the agency about the family.

Each family is willing to talk and meet with you in person.

Workplace benefits for a spouse are tax free, but domestic partner benefits are generally taxable.

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To learn about each couple, click on their photos and names below. Almost every family has a facebook page as well as a You Tube Page and Pinterest Page.

Each family has been thoroughly screened and counseled and met with one of our adoption counselors at least for three visits.

Several cities in the nation also have unfairly excluded unmarried opposite-sex couples from their public registries or employee benefits programs.

Vermont won’t allow unmarried heterosexual couples to register under its "civil union" law, making marriage their only option.

Some companies won’t allow a single person to name an unrelated adult as a beneficiary on a life insurance policy, on the theory that the intended beneficiary would not have an insurable interest in the life of the insured.

Our waiting families are pictured below and we add new families each month.

However, some of these registries contain gender restrictions which exclude heterosexual couples from eligibility.

The State of California will not allow unmarried heterosexual couples under the age of 62 to participate in a domestic partner registration system which confers hospital visitation rights.

In some of these states, courts have narrowly interpreted these laws so that unmarried couples do not receive protection from housing discrimination, e.g., Maryland, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota.

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