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And i hesitate to date men with kids cause they always have bitchy ex wifes/ex girlfriends.

Not bothered for all the bitchy drama, because that side of his life is not a choice that i chose to make so i dont want to deal with the emotional consequences.

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Men who have had kids also carry a lot of emotional baggage from the relationship they had with their child's mother and it is very difficult to get passed it.

Men find it harder to trust women once women dog them and it always in my experience reflects in their future relationships.

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To be blunt, if I was out on a date with a woman and we were getting to know each other I would absolutely prefer she told me while sitting there that if I had children this was a no-go for her, sorry for the inconvenience.

We could split the check amicably and go our separate ways, no hard feelings and loads of time and effort SAVED.

Another woman made an excellent point which caused at least a couple of you to sniff a bit, when LEVOW said (quite wrongly, in my opinion) the bit about the "poor children".

It's NOT the fault of the kids; but it's not the fault OR the responsibility of the newcomer, either. When I'm in a position to I'll go out of my way to help them; I've devoted a significant amount of time and money to abandoned or fostered children in hospitals and homes -- BUT that doesn't make them MY responsibility.

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That being said, I DO have to look back and just absolutely LAUGH at the number of times over the years -- and I do mean a HUGE number -- when similar discussions have come up and single guys have stated they wouldn't date women with children, for the very reasons listed here, and single women with NO children have leaped to the defense of the single moms, calling the men selfish for their inconsideration since after all, these single moms were still people, and apparently to be revered for the trials and tribulations of single motherhood.

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