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We looked like the perfect couple going out on their first date together!

I decided to drive because Michael drinks to excess sometimes and pretty soon we were traveling on the interstate to the other side of town.

After a few minutes Michael put his hand on my bare leg and began slowly rubbing it back and forth.

My short skirt was hiked up and my pink panties were visible to him.

I glanced over at him and said, "Michael, this is our first date.

Are you always this forward with a girl that you just met?

About a year ago my younger nineteen year old brother Michael and I were sitting in the living room watching television.

It was Friday evening and I normally had a date, but recently broke up with my boyfriend.He said, "Melissa, you look fucking hot and smell fantastic.Your perfume is making me aroused." After a while he stopped rubbing my leg then began to unbutton my vest." He answered, "Like being a typical boyfriend and girlfriend.Holding hands, dancing, a little bit of kissing and maybe some heavy petting.The skirt is really nice too because it is so short that when I bend over you can see my firm little ass cheeks.

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