Slow response online dating

The texts I do send to girls I'm interested in are fairly short and usually don't exceed more then 10-20 messages back and forth before I see them again or make plans with them.

Just another observation from my perspective, if I text a girl the highlights of my week, I have hard time talking about it in greater detail when I see them. If I only like a girl as a friend, I'll respond quickly to a text.

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People delay or don't respond to messages for all sorts of reasons, deliberate and otherwise, and unless you something from someone by a deadline (how often is this the case when you're texting a girl you're interested in? However, I rarely send more than a handful of texts to a girl a day, and never more than one without a response. I believe it's interest, I have texted girls immediately/no time matching etc. I also ignore girl messages sometimes just cause at the time of reading it I go..."meh I don't feel like replying, later I'll do it".

) it seems like it's better for everyone involved if you don't stress about it. From what I've experienced, its in many cases their interest isnt that high, they're busy, or theyre purposefully delaying.

It feels like I'm just repeating a story that she already knows the punchline to, removing the mystery. It's the girls I'm interested in that I reply to more slowly for the purpose of not being needy. I personally think it's irritating, so I just respond when I get a text.

In essence, I'm hoping that my delaying will cause her to ask "why isn't he responding, doesn't he like me? Usually girls will time out their response time to how long the person they're texting took to respond, or longer. I don't know about girls but I rarely answer immediately.

When it comes to this text game garbage I would take it as a sign she isn't interested or they are of low quality if the response time starts to exceed more than a day.

This is especially true if you see the read receipts.

Today I’m going to take some time and talk about online dating emails.

I’ve been gettinga quite a few questions about this lately…

Honestly, I don't text much anymore because I follow two simple rules for myself. " are boring and don't really inspire her to text back. Even if they read your message, they may not feel like responding, which has happened to me sometimes.

One is don't text them unless I actually have something I want or need to talk to them about. Also of you have nothing to talk about, you're probably having a boring day yourself and should go do something interesting to enrich your life instead of trying to gain value from talking to her. The other rule is to completely forget that I sent a text once I do. I just don't feel like spending time in a convo, even over text. Funny thing I have noticed though, is that when I'm hanging out with girls that are my friends, and they are texting a guy theyre EXTREMELY interested in, their reply time is almost immediate.

Delays can be totally normal, and don't necessarily signal disinterest.

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