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Flipping through profiles at BDSMdate or settling in for another night of endless internet clips isn’t always enough to satisfy your kinky cravings. Maybe you already have a date for Friday, and who knows – it might pan out and you’ll meet that sexy submissive or domme you desire. Of course, you could always find a local professional to help you out, but why not experiment with solo bdsm.There are plenty of challenging and exciting ways for you to stimulate yourself in the comfort and privacy of your own home.You can be alone at home and still find a playmate to interact with online. The less expensive option is to join a bdsm dating site with live video and audio chatrooms, make new friends, and have really naughty webcam sex.

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Not only do hobbies make you more attractive but it only takes a few sultry dance moves to help your self-confidence soar.

The feel-good endorphins released after solo dates spent dancing will make you feel fitter and happier.

These sites are good value, usually under $30 a month to be part of a thriving bdsm community.

For immediate satisfaction, you can seek out live cam sites. If you’re a sub, find a dominatrix or very dominant camgirl who can cook up a scenario and tell you what to do. Even though they may be motivated by money, women at webcam sites such as Flirt4Free are very happy to oblige nearly any request.

There’s nothing more satisfying than cooking something delicious from scratch.

Of all the solo dates out there, this one is guaranteed to be fun.

When you control your orgasm, you can achieve and maintain a high level of arousal for a prolonged period of time before coming. Even if you would normally be the one to tie and tease your partner, there’s always value in learning to control your own orgasms.

Alone, you have total control over the speed, feeling, and level of pressure.

Plus, on a solo date, you’ll never lose the sweet vs salty popcorn debate.

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