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Most of the other characters in the movie were lacking personality and failed to shine on the screen.

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Ergo, I felt it would behoove me to sit with this for an hour and ten minutes.

My assessment..you've seen literally every young adult romantic comedy from the mid to late 90's, then you've seen this, except this was 10 years too late. I say this because that sensation....feeling, hearing and inhaling my day old Burger King and Fat Tire anal vomit.....

extreme date Meanwhile, the villainous foil "Bill Hauk", officially claimed to be a composite of several real-life characters but pretty clearly a representation of U.

Olympic weightlifting coach and rival muscle mag publisher Bob Hoffman, is a cartoonishly evil, racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, violent thug.

See full summary » "American High School," a romantic comedy, is centered on two people who marry young and contend with the consequences of "bad" actions.

Moreover, it is a story about a young, frightened ...In this horror anthology film, three girls pledge the most popular - and cruelest - sorority on campus.For their final task, they must tell the scariest story they know. See full summary » Benjamin Troubles is a tale of urban magic that follows Ben, an out of luck loser, who finds himself suddenly endowed with large sums of money due to a mysterious gift, a pair of magic jeans that produce 0 bills every hour.Sure, sounds plausible enough, but it came off as a weak result.What was one of the more funny things in "Speed-Dating" was the tranny at the event and also the guy who rarely got to sit down and talk with the ladies.After an embarrassing afternoon, Nick (Jordan Cox) races home to gather the rest of his ... I stumbled upon this whilst doing a little research on Rawhead Rex, which is quite possibly one of the greatest horror films ever made.

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