Speed dating wine tasting sydney

“We all thought they would be very muscular wines but we are seeing really pretty wines with ripe tannins.

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There is much to love about the 2018 vintage for pinot noir across the board.

The best pinots produced are so drinkable that it’s almost unnerving.

The #realaussiewine mission we set ourselves – myself, Jack and James – was clearly stated from the beginning: rate the best and most authentic Australian wine on offer.

Without question the biggest change to the landscape of Australian wine is a redefined idea of quality that is founded, defined and delivered by the vineyard and not by winemaking or in the winery.

The tiny production Cloudburst chardonnay exemplifies the potential for quality when a vineyard is carefully managed.

The 2018 topped the 2017 vintage in our ratings, both delivering fruit weight and electrifying tension.

Australian cabernet flourishing Cabernet sauvignon has found such esteemed favor in Margaret River and the wines are continually hitting the benchmarks set by Bordeaux, Tuscany and US wines.

The refinement of vineyard management and viticulture is the lever for bringing Margaret River cabernet to the top level and familiar names find favour in this report.

There are almost too many producers to mention here but pinot is one of the strongest examples of the move towards vineyard-driven quality and style in today’s Australian wine.

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