Splitting holidays when dating Chat caming

It also helped that I was finally off the hook for tolerating my uncle asking deeply inappropriate questions about my finances and railing against the government.Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday because I love cooking, being surrounded by family, and reflecting on what we are grateful for (mostly pie).

On top of my own family’s rigorous holiday schedule, I added holiday meals with my husband’s parents.

We would leave one house, bloated and tired, only to arrive at the next house minutes later, unable to truly appreciate the food that had been cooked for us or the company of our loved ones.

The guilt I initially felt for abandoning tradition has subsided, and I’m actually looking forward to the holidays again.

And so far my husband and I haven’t had any holiday arguments beyond which is the superior Thanksgiving pie: pumpkin or pecan (the correct answer is, of course, pumpkin).

The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas were always a happy blur, with frenzied cooking and cleaning and car trips from one relative’s house to the next.

Thanksgiving was two or three huge meals packed into one day, eating so much we thought we’d die, and then going back for another slice of pie anyway.

After the last dish had been washed and dried and we unbuttoned our pants, we looked at each other, exhausted from three Thanksgivings in one day.

So I began the heart-rending process of creating the “perfect holiday plan.” I knew that our immediate families were our priorities, so I gave myself permission to decline any invitations to extended family events.

That feeling isn’t exclusive to one day of the year, though, and rushing off to see another family after stuffing my face didn’t make me feel very thankful.

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