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However if you have a lot of objects to script that can quickly become time consuming.Fortunately it’s possible to select multiple objects and script them up all together in a single query window.

More info and video about this awesome feature in this article: My Favorite SSMS Shortcut (After Copy/Paste) (by Bert Wagner) Save keystrokes by dragging Drag the Is this index compressed or partitioned?

By default, you wouldn’t know just by scripting out the index from Object Explorer.

One advantage of creating groups (other than being able to logically group similar servers together) is that you can run a query against all servers in the group, by right clicking the group and selecting ‘New Group’.

Central Management Server are similar to Registered Servers but with some differences, the main one being that the server details are stored in a database (the Central Management Server) rather than a local file.

You can configure so many settings in SSMS and then export it and use on all your computers.

Below link provide detailed instruction and awesome Dark theme configuration: Making SSMS Pretty: My Dark Theme Also you can create shared team settings file and use it from network location.

This can also be used in conjunction with Registered Servers and CMS (Central Management Server).

To add a color bar when connecting to the server click on the Options button in the Connect to Database Engine window and then select the Connection Properties window.

To add a registered server open the Registered Servers window from the View menu (or click ), the window should appear in the top left corner of SSMS.

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