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This feature enhancement would be available with SQL Server 2017 CU6 and will be ported to SQL Server 2016 in a subsequent CU for SP2.

The improvement can help solve the following customer scenarios Starting with SQL Server Management Studio 17.7, Replication monitor supports registering a listener for scenarios where publisher database and/or distributor database is part of Availability Group.

While the Replication publication and subscription databases can be configured to use Availability Groups, this support was lacking for the replication Distribution Databases.

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Sql server replication queued updating

This is equivalent to a dirty read (read uncommitted isolation level).

There is no compensation for the subsequent dependent transactions that can occur.

The compensating actions update the rows on the Subscriber to match the rows on the Publisher.

Until the compensating commands are applied, it is possible to read the results of a transaction that will eventually be rolled back at the Subscriber.

The Queue Reader Agent uses this column during synchronization to determine if a conflict exists.

A transaction in a queue maintains the old and new row version values.

When the transaction is applied at the Publisher, the GUIDs from the transaction and the GUID in the publication are compared.

If the old GUID stored in the transaction matches the GUID in the publication, the publication is updated and the row is assigned the new GUID that was generated by the Subscriber.

This feature requires the distribution database to be upgraded to SQL 2016 SP2 CU3 and above OR SQL 2017 CU6 and above.

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