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In 1962, three years after the birth of their daughter, Mary Patricia (known as Putter) was born, they moved to the Bay Area and opened the national headquarters for Saga in Menlo Park.The Andersons began collecting art in the mid-1960s after a trip to Europe, where they admired works of the French Impressionists.

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The following consultants contributed to the development of the survey instrument and the research design: Gary Gates, Jon Krosnick, Brian Powell, Daniel Lichter, Matthijs Kalmijn, Timothy Biblarz, and the staff of Knowledge Networks/Gf K.

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From their first day in the program, Stanford GSB Ph D students will focus their academic experiences in one of seven distinct fields of study.

This concentrated approach enables students to gain the maximum benefit from their time in the program, and to effectively prepare themselves to excel in careers in research and academia in their chosen field.

The survey was carried out by survey firm Knowledge Networks (now called Gf K).

The survey respondents were recruited from an ongoing panel.

Panelists who did not have internet access at home were given an internet access device (Web TV).

For further information about how the Knowledge Networks hybrid phone-internet survey compares to other survey methodology, see attached documentation.

Specialized faculty and staff include field liaisons and dissertation advisors, who create a network that provides key guidance and support throughout the Ph D Program.

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