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Winkster, as a 40ish male 'nice guy' doing online dating I feel your pain.

In fact I'm just about over it and just about to give it away. Woman – 'There's no nice guys around anywhere'Me – Hi, my name is ...., insert pages of conversation over a week or two's time Woman – Wow you are completely different to every other guy I've met on here, the most interesting etc Me – Let's meet Woman – I'd love to!!

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All I wanted was someone to go to the movies with, spend some time with. Women don't seem to want nice guys, they want exciting guys , the bad boy in the nice guy suit.

I'm not going to turn into a jerk just so women will go out with me. must mean you are an average looking guy or you haven't made her fall off her chair in laughter, or she has 6 other guys she is talking to and or meeting this weekend. I asked the woman before hand to be honest with me.

I Plan day out with interesting things to see and do. Me – I had a lovely day out I'd like to see you again.

Woman – Look you are a great guy and I had a lovely day with you but we just just didn't click, no spark, no connection. This has happened at least a dozen times and I'm over it.

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