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The methods described are for bone (collagen extraction, with and without ultrafiltration), cremated bone, tooth enamel, charcoal, grain, carbon residues, shell, wood (including alpha-cellulose isolation), peat, sediments, textiles, fuel/biofuel, and forensic samples.

This includes sample pretreatment, graphite production, accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) measurement, associated stable isotope measurements, data handling, and age calculations, but with the main emphasis being on the chemical pretreatment methods.

All of the above enable the laboratory to provide a complete analytical service comprising advice on sample selection, preparation and analysis of samples, and Bayesian analysis of resulting 14C (and other) data.

Details of the application process are given on the Project submission page.

Applications will be graded by a panel appointed by NERC/AHRC which meets twice a year.

Your application will be considered together with other applications.

The deadline for receiving applications each year is 30th November.

For bone samples, data on collagen yields are now stored electronically and are more readily obtainable from the laboratory.

The new SUERC Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory database will make a significant contribution to maintaining the high quality of results produced by the laboratory, aiding staff in tracking sample progress and monitoring quality assurance (QA) samples going through the laboratory, eliminating transcription errors and making communication easier between laboratory staff and sample submitters.

If your sample/s has been selected for CARD Fund support then in such cases where you have not yet had your material identified then we will ask you to send the material to Archaeological Research Services Ltd and we will assess the material and identify the most suitable sample for radiocarbon dating purposes.

The CARD Fund operates via a web-based system to minimise the administrative burden and costs for both Archaeological Research Services Ltd and SUERC - this means more resource is available to plough into the fund and acquire new radiocarbon dates.

Once you have finished inputting your information click "Submit" and your data will be automatically forwarded to us.

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