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Jack initially has problems keeping a job, due to his tactless personality, but finally gets hired at a video rental store.

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It was loosely based on a 1999 series of robberies perpetrated by four teenage girls from the Kingwood area of Houston, Texas.

The story is narrated by Lisa Janusch (Marla Sokoloff), the bitter and jealous head cheerleader of Lincoln High School's B-squad.

Customer: *after purchasing tickets and popcorn* “And I need to get my husband a drink.

So they aren’t, um, quite as naughty.” Customer: “Oh, he’ll just have a bottle of water.” Me: “Okay.

Diane and her friends are jailed and need an alibi, so Diane promises to promote Lisa to captain of the A-squad in order to keep Lisa silent, since she is approaching her third trimester and can't do rigorous activity.

The group is outraged, but come to appreciate this decision.

After struggling with the rent and anticipating the financial hardship of supporting a family, Diane and her four cheerleader squadmates, Kansas Hill (Mena Suvari), Cleo Miller (Melissa George), Lucy Whitmore (Sara Marsh), and Hannah Wald (Rachel Blanchard), plan the perfect bank robbery.

They promise each other not to tell Jack about their plan, because of his inability to lie to others.

In order to cover up her actions, Diane tells Jack she won the lottery and after they have their twins, Jack wins his senatorial campaign, and Diane's squad lead successful lives after high school.

Sugar & Spice received generally negative reviews; it currently holds a 28% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with the consensus "Though this cheerleader comedy has an intriguing premise, it's too empty-headed and saddled with too many lame jokes to live up to it.

The squad agrees to do so and they begin rehearsing the robbery, as well as their choreography for the winter ball.

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