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Of course, at the time, most everyone trying their hand at Linux knew they were getting into something that would require some work. But even though Linux has evolved into the user-friendly operating system it is, there are still some systems that are fundamentally different than their Windows counterparts.

super box keeps updating-14

Super box keeps updating

So feel free to let me know how you think I should write better, I'm open to all sorts of constructive suggestions. Here’re three steps you can try to get your Wi Fi connection stable again.

Just work your way through the list until your problem is resolved.

Hope what I write is actually helping you with whatever problem you're having now.

:-) You may not know this, but what we do every day, is making things easier: we write articles that are easy to read; we write instructions easy to follow; we make complicated things easy to understand... If your Wi Fi connection keeps dropping out,then reconnecting, you’re not alone. It’s frustrating, but don’t worry – it’s usually possible to fix the issue.

There are two ways you can get the right drivers for your video card and monitor: manually or automatically.

Manual driver update – You can update your network adapter driver manually by going to the manufacturer’s website for it, and searching for the most recent correct driver for it.In this case, it’s a good idea to contact your computer manufacturer for help.Many years ago, when I first began with Linux, installing applications and keeping a system up to date was not an easy feat.There is one thing to understand about updating Linux: Not every distribution handles this process in the same fashion.In fact, some distributions are distinctly different down to the type of file types they use for package management.If your Windows 10 computer isn’t the only device with this problem (say, the same thing happens to your cell phone and your Mac), it’s very likely that your router is at fault, not your computer or network connection.

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