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What happened to the large variety of quality clothes that were available on Ideeli/Ideel?

Beautiful Designer Clothes and Shoes At Extremely Reasonable Prices! that is a really crappy way of doing business and I don't see how that wouldn't be considered theft!

It's a great insulator, both here and in some building materials.

I hope this helps ease your mind and I hope to see you on the site soon!

Best, Jason Faria, Director, Customer Service They are the absolute worst about answering customer service complaints.

It seems like all of the clothes are just different colored knits. Now, I can't find anything worth purchasing on Groupon.

To look for plus size, you have to scroll through everything else. I loved the site and bought so many beautiful dresses at affordable prices.

To make it, heat charcoal in the presence of an oxidizer.

It expands to create millions of tiny pores between its carbon atoms, increasing the surface area to as much as 2,000 square meters per gram.

Groupon website looks cheap and uninviting, I won't use it, if they think Ideeli shoppers will switch over they should think again. I'm tired of seeing endless vibrators when searching for things like Tahari dresses and Marika tees, which I no longer can find. Everything in malls and specialty stores are generic and cookie cutter. We value our brand entirely too much to risk our reputation with fake or knock off items.

There are tons of other, better websites that groupon. One star is for groupon only because I don't think you can not give it any stars. This by far was a poor decision least for me and obviously others Hi Qiong, Thank you for your message, and I'm so sorry for the trouble with your Heys order. Part of the way we can offer the low prices we do is by keeping virtually no inventory on hand.

Herpetologists use this stuff to keep incubating reptile eggs cozy—your warm-blooded hands should be no problem.

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