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For any consumer owned unit, the consumer is liable for shipping charges both to and from the factory as expressed in the Limited Lifetime Plus Warranty.

Solid wood instruments are very responsive to their relative environments.

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Keeping humidity constant doesn't have to be difficult, however it is necessary to maintain the beauty and sound of your guitar for years to come.

The relative humidity (RH) of the air surrounding your guitar should be between 40% and 60%.

If you store your guitar on an open stand, your guitar is subject to whatever humidity the outside air happens to be.

This is fine if the humidity outside happens to stay around 50%, but in most cases you will want more control over humidity as the temperature/dryness of the air can vary indoors just as it can outdoors.

Some guitar players prefer the underside of the heel, some the back, and some prefer the "tie it to the headstock" option.

Part of the warranty card includes a template for installing the strap button.

An easy solution is to store your guitar in the case when not in use.

The case can affect how the guitar responds to the humidity and can be used in conjunction with a humidifier.

All warranty and non-warranty work must go through an authorized Tacoma Guitars dealer.

Depending on the nature of the problem as determined initially by a local dealer, consumer owned units must be shipped back to the factory for evaluation by one of our experienced luthiers.

"When in doubt, take your guitar to a tech." Most luthiers and small shops are great for routine setups because they are fast and generally inexpensive. Bass setup specs Factory specs for Tacoma basses are measured at the 12th fret. Tacoma mandolin pickups are a contact style microphone placed underneath the top at the bridge and must be installed at the time of production.

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