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So although my old quest is now defunct (looking forward to broken heaters this winter, though!

), I've been called upon to fill in for the lovely Gena Kaufman while she's on vacation for the next two weeks.

A server we hadn't seen before comes over with our wine glasses and interrupts our blatant checking-out of Gorgeous Spanish Man No. As the waiter comes over, said man looks at our table, smiles, and gives us an admiring nod. By our fourth plate, the table across from us has caught our eye.

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Fiona and I quickly stack and condense all possible plates, but the damage is done.

Midway through wining and dining, we have our first real interaction with a Spanish man — namely, our waiter.

Thus, following are the individual preferred traits: Salman - Tall, Dark and Handsome Shahrukh - Tall and Handsome Ajay - Handsome Akshay - None :-( Hence, Salman is katrina's date.

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It's been a while since last summer, when, as a broke, AC-less intern, I wrote about searching for a man in NYC with air conditioning.

Since then, I've graduated and moved abroad to Edinburgh, Scotland, where I'll be starting my Master's degree in the fall.

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From (4) and (5), there are only two possibilities: * Shahrukh & Salman both are tall and Ajay & Akshay both are fair. Shahrukh & Salman both are tall and Ajay & Akshay both are fair.

As no two of them have the same number of preferred traits - from (1), exactly one of them has none of the preferred traits and exactly one of them has all the preferred traits. Also, Akshay is the person without any preferred traits.

If you read 19th- and early 20th-century novels, most people are described as either "fair" (blond) or "dark" (brunet.) The examples have expanded as society has become multicultural.

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